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Coffeehouses & Clubs:

I have a large repertoire of original and popular songs, and am equally comfortable giving a one-hour concert performance or or a full evening of entertainment.

House Concerts:

How about doing an intimate show in your living room?  For more info click here.


Whether for a special event or for one of your regular services, I am at your disposal. I can provide anything from a song or two of "special music" for your Sunday service to a full concert for your congregation or event.

P.A. Requirements

Normally I perform as a one-man act, so my needs are simple. PA system must have a microphone for vocals, and a ¼-inch input for my guitar. I prefer at least 100watts of power (for small rooms), a minimum of 3-bands of EQ (bass/mid/treble) per channel, and some kind of effects processing (reverb or delay).

If your venue can't meet these minimum requirements, I have my own system, suitable for most small venues (i.e.25-250 seats) - just let me know if I need to bring it.

Financial Policy

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Obviously I have financial needs, but I prefer not to be hindered by anyone's economic limitations. If money is an issue, and you want me to come, let me know and I'll try and work it out somehow. My desire is to share (money, though important, is secondary) and so far I haven't gone hungry.

Coffeehouses and other clubs:

My "rule of thumb" that I aim for is about $200/show. This is, of course, negotiable. I have been known to play for tips, especially when trying to "fill-in" dates on a tour.


A free-will or "love" offering usually works out fine. If you have a budget for guest speakers/musicians, I'm happy to work with whatever arrangements you're used to.

All Venues:

I expect to be permitted to display/sell my tapes and CDs. If for some reason this in not acceptable or appropriate for your venue, please let me know up front. Other benefits, such as meals & housing, are greatly appreciated.

Any other questions please contact me.

Available for concerts, coffeehouses, church and community events, house concerts, folk clubs, art fairs, farmers markets, wineries, music stores, private parties...





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